12″ x 12″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (50 Pack) – Reusable Towels, Wash Rags, Dust Cloth, All-Purpose: Kitchen, Dish, Cars, Shop, Glass (Black)


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Product Description

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Economy All Purpose Microfiber TowelsEconomy All Purpose Microfiber Towels

The Smart “Economical” Choice For Microfiber Towels!

Great Quality At A Great Value

Complete dozens of your cleaning tasks with our Economy Microfiber Towels! These are great quality towels, loved by professional cleaners and homeowners alike, at a great value. Use them to clean, dust, wash, and dry on any surface without scratching. If there’s a spill in your kitchen or need to remove heavy gunk in your bathrooms, grab one of these and take care of it ASAP!

High Quality 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide 250 GSM All Purpose Split Microfibers Overlocked Stitched Edging Prevents Unraveling Stays Effective Through Hundreds Of Machine Washings

Perfect For Everyday Cleaning

Kitchen Microfiber TowelsKitchen Microfiber Towels

Bathroom Microfiber TowelsBathroom Microfiber Towels

Machine Washable Microfiber TowelsMachine Washable Microfiber Towels

Ideal For Quick Clean Ups

Economy Microfiber Towels are perfect for quick spills in the kitchen or dusting around the house. You can use them with just plain water on any surface, and they’ll do a great job. How easy is that!

Great For Heavy Duty Cleaning!

These towels are thick and absorbent enough to be used on tougher soils in your bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Instead of using an old rag, choose something you know will do the job effectively.

Long Lasting Performance

These towels stay effective through hundreds of machine washings. After washing them 200 times, we found that they absorb just as well as they did when received! Plus, they have an overlocked stitched edging to ensure they won’t unravel.

Take Care Of All Your Household Cleaning Chores and Even Wash Your Cars! Clean glass, wipe up spills, polish your electronics, collect dust, even wash or detail your cars. They won’t scratch any surface & clean great with just water! There isn’t anything these microfiber cleaning cloths can’t do.
Perfect For Quick Clean Ups In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Or Cars! The 12″ x 12″ size fits right in the palm of your hand. Great for picking up spills and debris or wiping down counters, appliances, or your car’s paint. Buy Today!
Cleans Great With Just Water! Top quality microfiber cloths clean on any surface with just water. It’s economical way to clean and saves you from spending extra on chemical cleaners.
Reusable & Machine Washable: With secure stitched edges, these towels won’t fray or unravel in the wash! Plus, you already know we’ve provem them to ensure they’ll perform great for years. Now that’s top quality. Order Now!


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